Sunday, 30 June 2019


It’s 4/20, and we know what that means! It’s time to observe the Pantone color palette for spring. Tattooing has a permanent nature to it, so it plays by a different set of rules. 무료 바카라 게임 But body piercing is a little different. The ability to change our jewelry gives us the ability to follow fashion trends throughout the year.

When we think of our personal style and fashion sense we don’t coordinate our look around our piercings. 무료 슬롯 머신 게임 The opposite is true! The piercings we wear, and the jewelry we put in them, should compliment the decisions we make about our clothes, hair, and accessories. As you consider your body jewelry an accessory to your existing look, you should be aware of the fashion industry’s changes throughout the year. These seasonal changes are largely influenced by Pantone.

The goal for any piercing you receive should be to heal it well enough you can wear it comfortably long term. 무료 양방 프로그램 A piercing you only wear for a short while, or one that never seems to heal will only be disappointing. Once your piercings do heal, why leave the same jewelry in them for months or even years? Redecorating is part of the fun of piercing!

Every year, during the spring months, we see an increase in sales of the opal colors of stone. Navel, Nipple, Nostril, Ear Cartilage, Conch, Tragus, and Lobe piercings can all be fitted with this jewelry type to help you coordinate your look to this time of year.

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